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I can’t believe we are writing the December newsletter already!  What happened to this year?  It’s already almost over!  We are already looking forward to the spring, but, before then, Sew What must do the tedious end-of-the-year work the accountants demand.  Many items have been put on clearance to get them out of the store before inventory is taken at the end of the month. The remnant basket is full, the clearance bin has lots of patterns and books in it, along with a few panels, all marked 50% off.  The skinny bolts are usually 2 yards of fabric or less, and are 25% off, and that skinny bolt shelf is packed!  Some fat quarters, such as Halloween and Christmas are only a dollar!   The more of this stock that we can get you to take off our hands, the less time it will take us to count it all.

The end of the year also makes me take a good look at the spring calendar.  I’m happy to announce FAT QUARTER TUESDAY is March 4th, 2014. Taking inventory at the end of each year also helps us sort the fabrics and pick which ones will get cut for the big day.  This year, I will be keeping the low price of $1.75 per FQ.  I had threatened to raise the price to $2 for this year’s sale, but I have reconsidered and decided to give you all one more year at this fabulous savings.

The other thing that gets my head spinning at this time of year is planning next spring’s class list.  Attendance at classes has been pretty spotty lately, and I’m not really sure what to make of this trend.  I have asked you, my customers, for feedback on this issue, but you have not been as forthcoming with your opinions as I would have liked.  I know there are a lot of classes being offered by other shops and guilds in the area, and sometimes I feel that there are just too many classes out there, and ours are just passé.  I would like to continue to offer classes, but we all must come to the realization that they are a lot of work and expense to prepare the schedule, print the advertising,  hire the teachers, prepare materials, make a quilt, and hope that more than one of you will sign up for the class.  Sometimes it seems to be way more work than it’s worth, when most of the classes only get one or two people in them.  It could be the types of classes we are offering.  If there is a specific class you would like to see on our schedule, you need to let me know, so that we can meet your needs.  I have been considering the idea of offering only one-on-one classes and not making a formal class schedule, but before I make that kind of commitment, I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.  To encourage you, my loyal customers and friends, to respond to my plea, I will give a $10 gift certificate to ANYONE who e-mails me with feedback on this matter. Don’t waste time. This offer expires!  All emails must be recieved by January 10, 2014. (how’s that for bribery!)  Please include your name( so I know who deserves the gift certificate), the kinds of classes you like/dislike, why you take/don’t take classes, timing preferences, ideas for new classes, and anything else you can think of that would help me figure out why you are not signing up for classes.  Let’s see how many of you I can get to respond! Email me at:

Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holidays approach, come into Sew What and check out our vast array of gift ideas and stocking stuffers. For example, we have a great tool for your binding needs called Wonder Clips. These handy clips free up your hands so you can concentrate on stitching the binding, not holding on to it with your hands, or pricking your fingers with straight pins:


Another brand new product that would make a great Christmas gift is a ruler that sharpens your rotary cutter with every cut! That’s right, every time you use this ruler to measure your fabric, it will automatically sharpen your blade. It has a thin strip of a sharpening pad at the edge, and as your blade brushes up against it, it sharpens as it goes!  Every quilter would love that!




This would be a wonderful gift for any quilter in your life:   “Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics”

is the landmark nine-part documentary series that offers a fresh, relevant exploration of quilts.

This fascinating series explores quilts in fresh new ways by taking you behind the scenes to reveal the unique position of quilts at the center of American culture. You’ll go on an amazing quilt journey from function to art, to women’s empowerment, economic clout, American politics and beyond. Produced by the Kentucky Quilt Project, inc., this series was first aired to critical acclaim on PBS last year.


Looking for a fast, beautiful project for a loved one? Come in and pick up a jellyroll to make it easy on yourself. You can Google the “1600 Quilt” and find out how to put a jellyroll together into a beautiful quilt top in under three hours!  We have used the “1600 Quilt” as a back of a quilt too. It makes for a much more interesting quilt when the back looks good too!!!



Hints and Helps


Upcoming Shows and Events

Corning Museum of Glass presents

Life On A String – 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead

Explore the miniature works of art and learn how beads have played a significant role       throughout time.

Hours: 7 days a week; 9 am to 5 pm through May 23, 2014 (closed Thanksgiving Day, December 24 & 24 and January 1.)


Quilter of the Month

We are excited to display Linda Witmer’s quilts as she is our December Quilter of the Month. Linda is a retired nurse, having worked in public health for 40 years. She learned to sew as a young teen and frequently made clothing for herself and dolls. Once she became a wife and mother, her sewing centered on her home making curtains, pillows, and more.

When her daughters were born, she enjoyed making baby clothes for them and soon learned to knit. Linda also crochets and cross-stitches – having a special fondness of cross-stitch. Each of her four grandchildren has their own cross-stitched birth sampler.

At some point in Linda’s life, she developed an interest in quilting and it’s become her favorite hobby. Each of her grandchildren have a quilt of their own and every room in her house displays at least one quilt. Being retired has allowed Linda to dedicate countless hours to quilting, and she loves every minute of it!

As quilter of the Month, the entire quilting community and anyone who comes into the store will have the opportunity to view your talents and see the vast array of different styles, colors, and techniques there are in our area. While your quilts are on display, photos are taken and a CD created to maintain a record of your exhibition. Also during the month of your exhibition, you will receive a 20% discount in the store. Any quilter at any level can participate – beginners to advance, really! We love seeing other people’s work styles, and don’t worry if they are not yet quilted! In fact, “tops” are easier for us to hang up!! Call the store at 632-8801 or go to to sign up for a future month.

 Girl’s Night Out

December 27, 2013 is Girl’s Night Out! The “evening” starts between 3pm and 6pm, or whatever works best for your schedule – it’s  a fun, stress free night of quilting and friendship – and we finish up around 9pm. Feel free to bring your UFO’s, orphans, and any other quilting projects you are working on and we will have a wonderful and productive night out! The cost is $8 and all are welcome! We look forward to seeing you on December 27, 2013.

Quilting Assistance

From time to time, we all become “stuck” on a project or a certain part of a project. If you find yourself with something that isn’t working out the way you’d like it too, a seam isn’t matching up or there is a ripple in your border, please don’t hesitative to give us a call for help. We will be more than happy to schedule a convenient time to get your quilt “straightened” out! Also, if there is a pattern you are nervous about trying on your own, we can arrange for a private class! No question is a silly question – come on in and join us!

If you have an event you would like us to share with our newsletter subscribers, just let us know and we will be happy to include it in our newsletter. Give us a call, or email us the information.